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About Norway Lake
The missing persons case of Carol Van Hulla can easily be overlooked until you examine the details. On a warm June day in 1959, The Van Hullas took their four daughters to Norway Lake park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a day of fun. Their three-year old daughter, Carol, played happily in a large field of the park near a thick treeline. Around 6:00 PM, Carol went missing. Within one hour, five-hundred people, helicopters, and search dogs were looking for Carol throughout the entire night. Thirteen hours later, around 7:00 AM the next day, two searchers heard a faint cry. Following the cry, they broke through thick underbrush a mile away from the lake and located Carol on a small dry spot in the center of an impassible swamp.

On a side note, nine months earlier, four year old Kenneth Scott also went missing from the Norway Lake area and was located two days later, deceased, fifteen miles away in higher elevation through the same thick forest and swampy terrain.

How did Carol travel the one mile where she was found and end up on the only dry spot in the center of a deep swamp? How did she do it in the middle of the night with five hundred people looking for her? How did Kenneth travel fifteen miles in two days through the same terrain? Is it a coincidence that two children went missing in the same area in a nine month period and were found in places that would be impossible for them to get to by themselves?

For more details on these two cases, I highly recommend you read the book Missing 411 by David Paulides.

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