Colorado Rocky Mountains- Fall River

About Fall River
When I first read the book Missing 411 by David Paulides, the story of Alfred Beilhartz haunted me. In 1938, Alfred was four years old. He and his family traveled to the Rocky Mountains for a weekend of camping and fun. While hiking along the Roaring River with his father, Alfred suddenly disappeared. As the search for Alfred intensified, tracking dogs were able to locate his scent and follow it another half-mile up the trail before it suddenly stopped.

After the first day of searching, a couple was hiking six miles away and three-thousand feet higher along the Old Fall River Road when they looked up and saw a small boy sitting on a rock near the top of Mount Chapin in an area called “The Devil’s Nest”. It was Alfred Beilhartz. After reporting the sighting to park authorities, a search was made of the area. No sign of Albert was ever located and he was never found.

What happened to Albert? How did he disappear without making a sound? Why did his scent trail end only a short distance up the trail? How did a four year old get three-thousand feet higher and six miles away over mountainous terrain?

The first 360˚ pano was taken directly on the trail as the Alfred and his family would have seen it as they started their hike. The second 360˚ pano was taken from the approximate area where Alfred went missing along the Roaring RIver. The third 360˚ was taken six miles away in the approximate location where Alfred was spotted on Mount Chapin.

Take a look at the area. Imagine you’re hiking on this trail. How did Alfred get to Mount Chapin? What happened to him?

For more information, get a copy of Missing 411 by David Paulides.

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